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Area of competence:

  • Accounting and economic consultancy
  • Comprehensive services related to establishment and transformation of commercial companies
  • Arrangements and development of financial projects, including preparation of documents needed to apply for a loan or subsidy
  • Development of corporate strategy – assistance in choosing proper accounting implementations
  • External provision of financial accounting
  • Payroll accounting
  • Accounting consultancy
  • Economic and business consultancy
  • Consultancy in EU legislation
  • Consultancy in EU tax matters

Why outsourcing  ?

* Confidentiality
* Knowledge of applicable laws
* Optimum use of services
* Savings in salary expenses
* Flexibility
* Comprehensive solution

Utilisation of external resources has become the most advanced method of rendering services in the field of economy. Responsibilities transferred to experts decrease your operating costs and you can fully devote yourself to your core business. We ensure maximum efficiency of key business in companies.